Top 3 DIY Clutch Purse Video Tutorials

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Clutches are the perfect accessory to spice up any look. They are great for day wear and even better for night wear. Now you can build up your bag collection without spending loads of cash, just check out these top 3 clutch tutorials from YouTube.

Rihanna and Kate Moss Pose for V Magazine December 2012

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  Rihanna and Kate Moss team up with world renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino for an incredibly intense shoot. The shoot is for V Magazine December 2012 and the ladies stay true to Rihanna’s bad girl S&M character. The pictures are HOT, just see for yourself!

The CBWW Presents the 5th Annual Beauty Expo

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The Center for Black Women’s Wellness had the Twelve Hotel packed with a huge beauty pavilion filled with experts ready to assist and advise. The CBWW brought women from everywhere to take part in the exquisite beauty expo receiving the word of healthy living in all aspects; beauty, fashion, fitness and health.  

5 Fitness Tips To Staying In Shape In the Winter

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Don’t let the weather dictate you’re fitness plan! You can still stay fit and healthy in the winter time. It’s actually a smart idea to kick your workout plan into high gear while the weather is cooler, so by the time the heat rolls back around you can throw on your shorts and crop tops… Read more »

3 Hot New Celebrity Make Up Brands of 2012

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You just haven’t made it if you don’t have your own make up line. These celeb ladies have definitely made it and their make up lines are truly must-haves for the season. Check out our favorite celeb lines below and tell which ones you want to bag for the season!

The Baby Shopaholic Mommy & Kids Fashion Show at CBWW Expo

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  The Center for Black Women’s Wellness Family Health and Beauty Expo presented the “The Baby Shopaholic Mommy & Kids Fashion Show” this Saturday at the Twelve Hotel in Atlantic Station. The mini models were layered in hot threads for the season from brands like Gap, Giavanna’s Closet, & Hooked. Let’s not forget those parents who were very stylish as well! Take a… Read more »

5 OPI Celebrity Nail Lines to Try

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  The new “it” thing is obviously designing your own nail polish line and celebs like Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey are all over this trend. OPI is just about everyone’s favorite nail lacquer and now that it’s designed by your favorite celebs you’ll love it even more! Check out these 5 OPI celebrity lines… Read more »

Beanie Style: Rita Ora, Teyana Taylor, Rihanna & More

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The cold front had hit and to stay fashionable and sickness free, you’re gonna need the right accessories! One of my favorite items for the season is the beanie and my girls Rita Ora, Teyana Taylor and Rihanna know just how to rock it! Check out these cute ways to style your beanie this season.

How to Work Off Halloween Candy

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Did you rack up on loads of Halloween candy this year? I know I did and it’s just so hard to resist once it’s in your hands. It’s all good though if you work those calories off. The problem with candy is that they are so high in calories and since they are empty calories… Read more »

Celeb Trend: Bold Color Lips

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Celebrities are being daring and taking an eclectic approach to fashion and not just in their clothes….their make-up too. Hate it or love it? I’m a fan of the Mulberry lip that Eva the Diva pulls off ever so well, but blue lips? I’m still on the fence. Check out these celebrities with bold lipstick… Read more »

3 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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Procrastinator? Yea, so am I. Homemade costumes are always the best, because nobody’s costume will look like yours! (As least that’s what I tell myself) Not to worry, YouTube is chocked full of DIY costume videos that you can create right from your closet without spending any money, my favorite part! These are 3 last… Read more »

8 Creative Celeb Halloween Costumes

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Halloween can be quite expensive, but when you put your creativity to work you can muster up some really great ideas for the low. Not that these celebrities need to save any funds or anything!  Holly Robinson Pete rocked her chains and tattoos for this very creative Lil Wayne impersonation. I tried this same look… Read more »

Top 5 Halloween Movies for Your Night In

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  I don’t know about you, but I have been hooked to AMC’s Fear Fest this entire month! I am such a scary movie buff, so this is my favorite time of year. Spending your spooky night inside? Invite some friends over for drinks, popcorn and the creeps with these top 5 Halloween movies.

TopShop’s Top 5 Leggings for Fall 2012

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TopShop is dishing out some super hot leggings for the Fall season and I am definitely making a wish list! Printed leggings are a hot trend right now and TopShop is capitalizing on that and one the chilly weather with their cable-knit leggings, love it! Here are my top 5 must-have leggings for the fall… Read more »

Get the Look: Tomboy Chic

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My favorite celebs are the ones that know how to dress it up and dress it down and still look flawless. Dressing down doesn’t always mean “sweatpants/hair tied,” you can do it in style.  Tuck away those flowery blouses and frilly skirts and throw on some harem pants and sneakers today like these celebs:

3 Tricks for Longer, Leaner Legs

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Fortunately, I hit the genetic lottery when it comes to this because I have legs for days. My friends like most of the population aren’t leggy beanstalks like myself and are constantly looking for ways to get longer, leaner legs and we have found that these 3 tips are definitely the guide to follow.

Top 5 Creepy Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

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Still deciding on your Halloween look? Here’s some help! I hand picked some of my favorite creepy looks for this night of thrills. If you don’t want to scare the pants off your friends then check out some of our Sexy Marvel costume ideas!  

5 Ways to Defeat Dry Skin

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Having a rough time adjusting to the cooler season? I usually have extremely oily skin, but for some reason this year I find myself having a couple of dry patches. I decided to do a little research on how to get rid of the nuisance dry skin and here are my top 5 solutions:

5 Comfy Shoes You Need in Your Closet

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I love heels just as much as the next girl, but sometimes my precious feet need a break. Just because you’re taking a break that doesn’t always mean having a slack day. You can still be in style with your comfy shoes on! My go-to shoes for a heel-less day are my vintage boots, I… Read more »