Kanye West wears Confederate flag while shopping at Barneys

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Kanye West wearing confederate flag

Photos have been released of rapper  “god” Kanye West leaving a Barneys department store. On a normal day shopping at a department store would seem normal enough, but West is sporting a coat with a confederate flag on the sleeve. The high end retailer is currently in hot water for discriminatory practices against African Americans. Jay… Read more »

MIU MIU short film featuring Gabrielle Union

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Gabrielle Union in MIU MIU short film

In less then ten minutes, this moving short film by Ava Duvernay is a sassy and stylish portrayal of love, life and sisterhood. Featuring the best and brightest of the entertainment industry cloaked in beautiful clothing by MIU MIU making beautiful memories. Gabrielle Union is accompanied by singer Goapele and Alfre Woodard amongst others. Fashion can sometimes… Read more »

Boozy Brunch Review: Char No 4 NYC

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Char No 4

If it’s not boozy, it’s not brunch. At least in New York, if you happen to be over 21. It’s the one day a week when we are supposed to turn our phones on airplane mode and chat it up with our friends about the “tea” in our lives and congratulate our sister/friends on accomplishing great… Read more »

No Shave November

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Beard Season

If you’re a woman (or man) who likes a more rugged looking man this is your month! November or Movember (a portmanteau for mustache and November) then you’re in luck. “No-Shave-November” is upon us and yes, it does apply to both men and women. There are several charities that raise money with the help of men growing… Read more »

How to win against breakouts with LUSH cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics store

Acne prone skin can cause anxiety and frustration, which usually leads to more breakouts. Going to dermatologist can be expensive and the ingredients in some topical acne cream can cause liver damage and if used improperly, chemical burns. If you prefer trying a more natural remedy to fight off bad breakouts LUSH cosmetics is here to the rescue…. Read more »

Cases for your iPad Air

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Ipad Air

With the release of the new iPad Air comes the necessity to protect your investment. If you use your tablet for business or pleasure spending another $500+ to replace your new device is way more expensive than buying a case to keep your device covered. These cases may not come in leopard but they will… Read more »

Nicki Minaj’s racy Halloween costume

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has pushed her way to the top but not without pushing a few buttons and envelopes. Minaj is most known for outlandish wigs, wardrobe, and her… um, posterior. This Halloween the singer/rapper  – and probably soon to be actress – showed everything but her teeth. Not sure how Kmart, the family retailer carrying her collection, will take… Read more »

Get the Look: Olivia Pope

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Olivia Pope dress

  If you happen to be a fan of the hit show “Scandal“, then chances are you are a fan of Olivia Pope’s monochromatic wardrobe. The infamous White House mistress wore a silk strapless Rubin Singer gown. Singer is an American designer whose clothing, including Washington’s dress, is available at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth… Read more »

Fall fashion color trend: Oxblood

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FAll color oxblood

Even if you’re a vegetarian, the oxblood trend is sure to satisfy your fall fashion cravings. Not sure what the difference is between oxblood, maroon and burgundy? They are three very similar shades of red but oxblood falls in between the aforementioned two. We’ve selected clothes and accessories so you can maximize your oxblood wearing potential, in… Read more »

Celebrities gold grillz

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Celebrity grillz

Grillz aren’t just for your southern rappers anymore. Gold grillz have become the new accessory for not only male but also female artists. If the beloved Beyoncé wears it, it’s pretty much gold. Want to look like your favorite celebrity? We’ve checked out the best spots in major cities where you can add bling to your… Read more »

Review : DreamDry NYC

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DreamDry NYC

New York is a bustling city known for running ’round the clock. For the New York City woman on-the-go, there are only a few niche places that satisfy her 24-hour needs. DreamDry is one of those niche places: no colors or cuts, just blow drying and fabulous up-dos. Using top-of-the-line Oribe products, the blow-dryer-wielding hair fairies transform most hair types,… Read more »

Girl look at that body scrub

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Body scrubs, when used properly, produce many benefits. They exfoliate the skin, removing dead skills to reveal a healthy glow. Another benefit is the skin to able to absorb and retain more moisture. Here’s a home remedy secret. Salt, sugar and coffee can all be mixed with varying scents and oils to produce the desired results. We’ve listed… Read more »

BB creams for brown girls

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BB creams for brown women

Beauty Balms also known as BB creams are a makeup trend that have caught the attention of women all over the world. This “miracle” cream has knocked tinted moisturizers and foundations back into the bottom of make-up drawers. Wondering what all the fuse is about? BB cream originated in Asia and gave women an almost… Read more »