Fashion Trend: Flats Are Back!

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Yes ladies! This summer, your feet will get a rest from all of the bright and tribal-printed wedges that keep filling out closets- flats are back! There are so many cute styles, and the best part about it is that everyone is doing it! Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter were recently photoed out on a walk in… Read more »

Beauty and Class: Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson always looks stunning every time she steps out. Although J-Hud was beautiful earlier on in her career, her dramatic weight loss definitely gave her the confidence she needed in order to propell her fashion know-how to the upper echelon.   Jennifer Hudson looked more glamorous than ever on the opening night of The… Read more »

New Spring Arrivals from Kandi Burruss and TAGS Boutique

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Looking for celebrity inspiration for Spring? Kandi Burruss’ store TAGS Boutique in Smyrna, GA has released some really cute pieces for our subtle transition into beautiful weather. TAGS receives new things in the store and online weekly so make sure you keep an eye out for great finds! Take a look at some of our… Read more »

‘Making Of’ the Iconic Chanel Jacket (Video)

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Fashionologie has a captivating behind-the-scenes video, taking you into the Chanel atelier and right onto the cutting table. The video shows the step by step process of creating the iconic tweed jacket. With all the time manpower that goes into it, you realize why these coveted jackets are so costly and often worn by celebrities,… Read more »

Bag of the Day: Diesel: The Scene

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In my travels around the mall, a bag caught my eye! The Scene, which is made by Diesel, is a large leather bag that has a sky-like gradient to it.  The color and material gives it a vintage look and is also forgiving when it some to wear. From the outside, it looks like your… Read more »

11 Things That Are Horrible For Your Skin

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Being famous always seems like it’s a glamorous life, but for most of your favorite celebs, their skin is taking a huge beating. Of course we all know lack of sleep and water can be detrimental to your fresh face, but what are some of the things that most of us don’t think about when those break outs start… Read more »

Music Minute: Lauryn Hill- Doo Wop (That Thing)

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 ” Who’re you going to tell when the repercussions spin? Showing off your a– because your thinking it’s a trend Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again! You know I only say it because i’m truly genuine Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem Baby girl! Respect is just… Read more »

Solange and Other Natural Beauties Join the Transitioning Movement

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In the Era of Natural Hair Enlightenment, Carol’s daughter has created the Transitioning Movement. The movement helps black women embrace their natural hair and document it through its beautiful stages of growth. The Transitioning Movement website will launch Spring of this year, but there are many ways to become apart of the movement as we… Read more »

Fashion Watch: The Scarf

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  Even as winter comes to a close, scarves will still be in style.  Whether they are made of wool, silk, or cotton, scarves can liven up any outfit. As we braved the cold weather we found many stylish people who showed us the best ways to rock a scarf.  Check out our trendy scarf… Read more »

‘’ February Events in Review

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  Talkingpretty .com is always on the move! Whether we were hanging out at the latest launch in Atlanta, Frolicking through Manhattan at NY Fashion Week, or Rubbing elbows in LA during the Oscars, our team and our readers love to have fun! Check out a few reviews from events you may have missed last… Read more »

Oprah Is the Only American Female on ‘Forbe’s’ Black Billionaires 2012 List

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    Oprah Winfrey being on the Forbe’s list is pretty much a no-brainer. Despite the public turmoil she’s enduring by quitting her daytime talk show to launch her own cable station, OWN, Winfrey is nestled comfortably in the billion-dollar club. The economy and questionable business decisions robbed America of previous billionaires, such as former husband… Read more »

Style Review: 2012 Fashion Week in Paris

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A lot of celebrities, a lot of fashion, and of course more fun. A few new faces and many familiar faces were scene in their best up-to-date designer creations. The style in Paris is definitely more tailored than a lot of the looks that we have seen during new York Fashion Week and London Fashion… Read more »

Has Social Media Turned You Into a Psycho?

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  Fifty-nine percent of people who say they’ve become jealous over their partner’s interactions with someone else on Facebook. New research from Amy Muise, a Ph.D. candidate in applied social psychology at the University of Guelph, indicates that Facebook actually contributes to jealousy, even in people who aren’t naturally predisposed to jealousy to begin with…. Read more »