Forever 21 2013 Resort Collection

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  Forever 21 has officially launched their 2013 Resort Collection which is a great mix of clean nautical styles in navy, white and black, and yellow, with a few tropical printed pieces mixed in.   An outfit for every occasion, the Resort Collection can be added to your spring staples. Check out some of our favorite pieces.  … Read more »

Professionally Pretty with Lillie Mae PR

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  Maintaining a hectic work schedule and crazy social calendar is no easy feat, so we caught up with Atlanta Publicist & Entertainment Correspondent Lillie Mae for a few beauty & wardrobe pointers.  She’s managed a diverse portfolio of clients for many years and has interviewed everyone from Russell Simmons to Wendy Williams on red… Read more »

8 Tips for staying fit during the Holidays

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  It’s that time of the year again!  Tons of Christmas parties, tons of snacks, holiday dinners, and high-calorie drinks to make you think twice about wearing that tight-fitting dress to your next holiday event. The good news is there are steps you can take to help you maintain your weight during this joyous season…. Read more »

The Curl Presents: The Pompadour

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  The pompadour is a timeless, quick hairstyle that can easily be transitioned from the workplace to a night out on the town.  In Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning Movement episode of “The Curl”, you’ll receive an easy guide to achieve the style, while some of your favorite natural hair bloggers, including Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Cipriana of Urban Bush… Read more »

Celebrity Fashion Trend: the Double Slit Dress

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  How sexy is the double-slit dress?  I haven’t thought about the style since Aaliyah’s ‘Are you that Somebody’ music video. Celebrities are usually the first to bring back an old school trends and make it look super hot, and the double slit dress finally got it’s chance to return to the spotlight. Check out who’s wearing it now!… Read more »

Rihanna’s Awesome week on Instagram

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  Rihanna is always a topic of conversation- get over it already.  Ever since drama on her 777 tour, ‘Unapologetic’ reaching #1 on the charts, and then her reunion with Chris Brown, Rihanna is having a very eventful end to 2012.  

Savannah Brinson outshines Beyonce?

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  Savannah Brinson, looks amazing on Lebron’s arm as she joined super couple Jay-Z and Beyonce for a photo moment on the red carpet at the Sports Illustrated 2012 Sportsman of the Year Awards, and I know we might catch some flack, but Savannah definitely looked better than Beyonce.  

6 Natural Hair Myths

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    Product junkies, this goes out to you! Forget what you heard in the world of coils, kinks, curls, and silky coifs! We’re busting natural hair myths. The internet is riddled with common questions on the frequency of shampooing, heat damage, tips for hair growth, and to relax or not to relax, that is… Read more »