Curvy and Fit : Tips to Maintain a Curvaceous but Tone Body

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Naturally curvy body and unsure how to work out without losing your curves completely? To maintain can certainly be hard but to tone ideal areas without losing femininity, while having curves is very difficult. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ashanti, and Beyonce are known for naturally curvaceous bodies and go to all measures to stay fit…. Read more »

Trend Spot: Neon

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Neon is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2012 and if I say so myself, I’m falling in love with it. What some haven’t realized is there is a thin line between rocking the look and failing completely. It’s key to never overdo neon. Wearing neon green hair, neon nails, and neon shoes is… Read more »

Black Women: When Did We Become So Ratchet?

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*Deep Sigh* From the picture above, there are no words. As I chuckle, I wonder how many Black women wear this hairstyle, how much did she spend to get this style ( literally), and when did it become OK to use dollar bills for hair weave? People’s priorities these days are shot. Instead of using the… Read more »

5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Look Fancy

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 “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” How many times have we heard this line? In fact the quote is legit because in order for your brain to function properly, it needs food. But if you’re like me, I usually skip breakfast because 1.) I overslept and I’m rushing out or 2.) I’m… Read more »

Why DOES Kim Kardashian Get So Much Press?

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  Perhaps it’s our obsession with her personal life, who she ends up with, or her attractiveness; but why can’t we look away and avoid her actions? We almost just wait around to see if she sparks up drama or gives another reason for the press to call her an attention hound just because she’s… Read more »

Natural Hair ‘Sorority’? How Far is Too Far?

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Yes. You read it correctly, a Natural Hair Sorority specifically for Black women. When I read an article about its start up, I shrugged it off (not in a mean way) thinking it would disappear like every other fad. Well, not only are they still going strong, they now have over 10,000 Pi Nappa Kappa Members…. Read more »

5 Tips for the Perfect Butt: Summer 2012

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How many times have you laid in bed at 2 am watching those intense Brazilian Butt Lift infomercials and felt obligated to jump out of bed to start butt exercising right then and there? Guilty? I know it’s hard not to fall into the hype, but it is important to have determination and set a… Read more »

What He Said: 10 Beauty Mistakes Women Should Never Make

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  We understand that many people strive to fulfill that need to articulate their individuality. For the most part people are able to do this within reasonable parameters. However, there are absolute beauty mistakes that can have you looking tired, ghetto and a woman who is extremely thirsty for attention. Please read and heed these… Read more »

Trend Spot: Celebrities Wearing Prints

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When not to wear print? Uh…. A hard question to answer with so many designers embracing print from shoes to clothes. I was never a fan of wearing print anything until I saw Christina Milian wearing the cutest Aztec print dress! It changed my mind  completely. Nowadays people are mixing and matching prints with solid… Read more »

Top 10 Hottest Jeffrey Campbell Shoes for the Summer

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Jeffrey Campbell

I’ve recently seen a couple of my favorite celebrities rocking Jeffrey Campbell‘s latest shoes! The new collections caught my eye at the recent photo shoot with Rasheeda from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop ATL. From the strappy heel to the chunky heel, JC goes beyond all measures. Here are my top five picks from his… Read more »