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No matter what your age or your gender,  it is so important to avoid negative body image. To suffer from this stress is very common, but it is possible to avoid it. It is important to embrace yourself. This is another addition to being a healthy person.

You would be surprised how awfully a bad perception of yourself could affect you. I can vouch as someone who’s gone through a long, hard journey herself. Improving your body image is no quick and easy process, but it does take that first step. Here are a few tips that can really help you.


1. Ignore the Numbers
The scale does not always reflect your efforts, and often can be more detrimental to someone who is constantly watching their scale to gauge their progress.

2. Ditch the Diets
Eating and being healthy are lifestyle choices that can’t be changed overnight.  Instead of dieting, find healthy substitutes for snacks, drink, and meal options.

3. Pinpoint Your Emotions
It is importnat to consider why you feel the way you feel, and where your emotions are coming from. Ask why? Why do you focus specifically on your thighs, your chin, your stomach, or your hips? It’s crucial to know yourself and your emotions

4. Forget the Flaws
You will not look as they do in the magazines and you will NOT have perfect skin etc.  To be truthful, most, if not all pictures that are seen have been edited to make the person look better than reality.  Accept you for you!

5. Listen
Finally, improving your body image involves listening. You have to listen to yourself, your mind, and your heart.  Be mindful of the people who are truly in your life to help you succeed, and take time to realize those who don’t have your best interest at heart.

-Europe Angelique