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Breakouts can be caused by just about anything; stress, periods, food, the weather, you name it! It always seems that acne knows just the time to pop up, but luckily we have some tips on how to battle your next breakout.


1.Cleanser NOT Soap 

Soap dries and irritates the skin leading to breakouts. Keyword: gentle! A gentle face cleanser cleanses the pores preventing clogging, which is the cause of breakouts! You should use the cleanser at least twice a day. Some oils are important for your skin, so be careful not to over cleanse.

2. Pop bottles, Not pimples! 

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but when that zit surfaces the first thing you do is squeeze and pick at it. I’m guilty as well. As hard as it is, just don’t do. Applying a mask(some say toothpaste) to the budding pimple will take care of the job for you and it will prevent scarring. When you pop your pimples you break the skin cells and leave your face open for infection. Just avoid it!

3. Topical Treatments 

There are all kinds of acne medications out there, you just have to find one and commit to it. They might not go away over night, but maybe in a week if you’re using the treatment consistently. Also, you don’t have to break your bank for a clear face. For mild to regular breakouts your local drugstore or superstore carries generic brands that have the same ingredients as some of the big names, such as Proactiv.

4. Sun Screen 

Using sunscreen is especially important when using any acne medication. The treatments usually make your skin ultra sensitive and susceptible to chemical burn when directly exposed to sunlight. So, play it safe and use a sunscreen created for oily or sensitive skin when in the sun.

5. Exercise 

Exercise in not only important for your overall health it also reduces breakouts. As I mentioned before stress is a leading cause of breakouts and the cure for stress is…exercise! Exercising also cleanses your pores through the sweating! Be sure to shower after strenuous work outs to clean off the dirt from your pores, so they don’t seep back in causing more acne.

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