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We all know the saying… beauty is pain! But where do we draw the line? From breast augmentation to teeth whitening to butt enhancements, Hollywood A-lister’s have been known to go under the knife and experiment with some pretty drastic beauty treatments in order to achieve what society believes to be perfection. This new trend of skin whitening though, has us all scratching our heads. Made possible by brands like Whitenicious, Black women around the world have begun to bleach their golden complexions to look more appealing to the masses.

Although this new trend speaks volumes about a deeper issue in our community, you may be surprised that some famous faces have been accused of skin bleaching. From top athletes like Sammy Sosa to actresses like Halle Berry, it has been speculated that the below stars have whitened their skin.

Lil Kim

Trina McGee-Davis

Tamar Braxton


Halle Berry