• honeybutter

    TINY look a lot better with the eye, hell back in the 80s every body and they moma was wearing color contacts and that faded out when we realize how painful they get after a while i got a friend been wearing hers since 1988 and she still struggling with them … and need to take them out .. i think the reason i cant hardly see today and have to wear reading glasses is due to those color contacts .. tiny is bringing a new trend america band this cause we have enough racist issues here and whites dont want to see blacks with blue eyes at all …. i think naiomi campbell got this surgery done cause she surely dont hve no light eye and this explain where kenya goth hers form ,, but i bet you tiny paid good for them , cause they look MARVELOUS , SHE ALREADY MIXXED SO SHE LOOK BELIEVABLE WITH HERS ..AS IF SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY …. STOP HATING ON TINY

  • michelle lin