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 work out

If you are looking for a fresh start with the new year, you plans may include a new workout regimen. For some,  the fear of  “not so straight” edges may be a deterrent from breaking a sweat. Where there is a will there is a way and it’s about making healthier life choices, right? Here are some protective styles for your workout.

stylish terricloth head band 

There may have been a method to the madness in the 80’s with the terrycloth headband. The towel-like material draws moisture away from your head and into the head band. For the fashionista, there are turban style headbands like the ones pictured above or you can get the regular headband from your local beauty supply.

twist out

Keeping flat edges not your issue? For the curly and kinky who want to keep your coif tamed a protective style like the one pictured above can help keep hair tamed.

Box Braids

If you have really committed to a new workout regimen and don’t have time for twist outs and headbands, wearing synthetic braids may be a better option.


You can even get creative with braiding and do s a style like the one pictured above or a Dutch braid (click here for tutorial)