Workout Wednesday: Tips from ‘Black Girls Workout Too!’

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The weather is colder, we are showing less skin and the holiday season is coming with a vengeance. All of this translates to what may be  inevitable winter weight gain. That doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve teamed up with mother-daughter duo Ellen and Lana, creators of “Black Girls Work Out Too!” to provide… Read more »

Dry Skin Remedies from LUSH Cosmetics

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LUSH cosmetics

  As the leaves fall and the temper drops, more than the foliage changes, skin tends to dry out and eczema and psoriasis flare ups become more frequent. If you happen to suffer from any skin ailments, the stress related to remedying them can exacerbate the situation further. Prescriptions and trips to the dermatologists can… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: Skincare tips with Eddie Reyes

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Just because you have the Monday blues doesn’t mean you have to look like it. Today is Makeup Monday and we are dishing out some of our tips from one of the hottest makeup artist, Eddie Reyes. Before you beat your face, you have to treat your face… right. Oddly enough, add a plant in your room!… Read more »

Mai Couture: Papier for Your Pretty Face

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Papier for your face? Yes, that is NOT a typo. Mai Couture, is a line of pigmented Blush and Highlighters papiers that are infused with anti-oxidants to help you maintain your pretty. Mai Couture’s Blush Papier sheets are paraben-free and talc-free pigments that enhances your complexion by adding some shimmer. The Highlighter Papier upgrades your… Read more »

Garden Apothecary Organic Beauty

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Hand-made in Half Moon Bay, CA, Garden Apothecary‘s single-use French Green Clay Mud Mask is an organic and all-natural product that will keep your face and neck moisturized during the cold season.  The Mud Mask is packaged in 100% PCW tubes that are home-compostable in 14 days! Activate the facial in two ways, with 2tbs… Read more »

Detox Waters Recipes

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Strawberry Basil detox Water

Whether you are trying to kick-off your weight-loss the right way or cleanse your body from a weekend of partying, detox waters are a great way to rev up your immune system and getting you on the right foot to start your day. Below we’ve listed some recipes that help target toxins in specific organs and… Read more »

For all your juicing needs head to Macy’s!

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The holiday season is no excuse to slack off on maintaining a balanced diet. Fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices are a tasty and convenient way to pack in nutrients to keep you going for the day. Macy’s is your one-stop-shop for all your juicing and smoothie making needs, all except the actual produce. This… Read more »

Rivé: A pretty, eco-friendly bottle of H2O

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Designed for fashionable fitness junkies and, well, anyone who drinks water, Rivé is the latest and prettiest water bottle to hit Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Rivé is where “hydrogen meets oxygen meets art.” It has given your standard water bottles a facelift. Designer Patricia Field collaborated with Rivé to create a limited edition… Read more »

5 Quick tips to go from drab to fab!

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As women, we naturally have a zillion things to juggle. While we may feel guilty at times putting ourselves first, in some instances, it’s necessary! Put your best foot forward everyday, with 5 quick and inexpensive tips to take you from drab to fab in less than 10 minutes. Check them out below. Avoid itchy,… Read more »

5 must have premium Phthalate-Free beauty products

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Are you a girl whose recently gone green? Take your beauty regiment to the next level with 5 of our favorite eco-friendly beauty products. Whether you’re slowly making the transition or are hell bent on using all things chemical free, we’ve got you covered! Scroll below for five must have premium phthalate-free beauty products. –… Read more »

Boozy Brunch Review: Char No 4 NYC

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Char No 4

If it’s not boozy, it’s not brunch. At least in New York, if you happen to be over 21. It’s the one day a week when we are supposed to turn our phones on airplane mode and chat it up with our friends about the “tea” in our lives and congratulate our sister/friends on accomplishing great… Read more »

How to win against breakouts with LUSH cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics store

Acne prone skin can cause anxiety and frustration, which usually leads to more breakouts. Going to dermatologist can be expensive and the ingredients in some topical acne cream can cause liver damage and if used improperly, chemical burns. If you prefer trying a more natural remedy to fight off bad breakouts LUSH cosmetics is here to the rescue…. Read more »

Celebrities gold grillz

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Celebrity grillz

Grillz aren’t just for your southern rappers anymore. Gold grillz have become the new accessory for not only male but also female artists. If the beloved Beyoncé wears it, it’s pretty much gold. Want to look like your favorite celebrity? We’ve checked out the best spots in major cities where you can add bling to your… Read more »

Girl look at that body scrub

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Body scrubs, when used properly, produce many benefits. They exfoliate the skin, removing dead skills to reveal a healthy glow. Another benefit is the skin to able to absorb and retain more moisture. Here’s a home remedy secret. Salt, sugar and coffee can all be mixed with varying scents and oils to produce the desired results. We’ve listed… Read more »

BB creams for brown girls

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BB creams for brown women

Beauty Balms also known as BB creams are a makeup trend that have caught the attention of women all over the world. This “miracle” cream has knocked tinted moisturizers and foundations back into the bottom of make-up drawers. Wondering what all the fuse is about? BB cream originated in Asia and gave women an almost… Read more »

Beauty tips for Today’s Teen

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 Teens today don’t have a lot of time to do a whole lot of things with their everyday look so we sat down with Eden Sanaa Duncan-Smith who is one of the busiest teens we know to ask her some beauty tips.  Eden made her Broadway debut in 2010’s Tony Award winning cast of Fences… Read more »

5 lipsticks that survive a kiss

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Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

A make-out session that ends in both of you covered in smeared lipstick just isn’t cool. We have tried and tested lip products that claim kiss-proof status and listed our top picks. But first, be warned that long-lasting lipsticks take some time to settle. So give it at least 5 minutes before pouncing on your sweetie or… Read more »

Top eyelash trends for spring 2013

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gucci 2013

This is the year of the bare-naked eye   Don’t worry. You don’t have to get over mascara just yet. Even though the fresh, mascara-free look is all over the spring runway, many prominent fashion houses still used plenty of mascara and false lashes to give their models the glam factor during their runway shows…. Read more »

Rebecca Minkoff’s Essie oil slick manicure

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rebecca minkoff essie oil slick manicure

Why try simple when you can glam it up at home? Take a page out of a New York Fashion Week Runway show. Requiring minimum hassle and screaming cool, the oil slick technique nail trend is definitely here to stay. Want to know how it’s done? Read on to find out some runway secrets from the… Read more »

Givenchy’s Le Rouge line brings Matte to Spring lips and nail trends

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    Givenchy is bringing the Matte trend to their new lipstick line’s Spring collection!  The recently-launched Le Rouge, comes in 11 of this seasons hottest color trends-  berries colors, nudes, and our favorite oranges. The matte lipstick, which retails for $36 at, has a little surprise as well.  Le Rogue also makes matching matte nail polish… Read more »