Tips to Avoid Major Hair Removal Mistakes

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Nicks, cuts and razor bumps are unpleasant for anyone to experience. We’ve compiled some tips that will make shaving and waxing virtually painless and leave you as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Check them out below. –mckenzie harris Always Exfoliate Exfoliating is your best defense against ingrown hairs, no matter what method of hair removal… Read more »

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Names Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine as Creative Makeup Director

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sam fine_iman_crop

Sam Fine, a 20 year makeup artist veteran, known for dressing faces like Iman, Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams, and Jennifer Hudson, has recently been named Creative Director of African American cosmetics brand, Fashion Fair Beauty. Clarisa Wilson, President of Fashion Fair said, “Sam Fine is a true artist who understands women of color and has… Read more »

Flirt the Line: How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

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Precisely applied liquid eyeliner can give the appearance of bigger eyes, longer lashes, and considerable glamour — and with the right makeup and enough practice, even a novice can pull it off. Follow these simple tips to get the look. –mckenzie harris Concentrate on Quality Choosing a good liquid liner is crucial. It should be… Read more »

Do You Know When to Toss Your Old Makeup?

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Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 1.35.04 PM

How long have you had that makeup palette with the four eye shadows, two shades of blush, and two lip stains? Be honest with yourself because you could be doing more harm than good by keeping that old thing around and continuously transferring bacteria to your face. Makeup does have a lifespan and an expiration… Read more »

Temporary Tattoos for Teeth?

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It seems like you can ink just about any part of your body these days. Japanese girls have started yet another a fad. The newest thing to rock these days are “teeth” tattoos, which are temporary doodads attached to the tooth with special glue, using LED light, which fastens and dries the glue. They are… Read more »

Best Bargain Beauty Buys

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A splurge is always a thrill … but who doesn’t love that intense, ultimate high you get after discovering a beauty steal while perusing through the aisles? From your makeup, hands and tootsies, to skin and hair, we’ve got you covered on the top products to add to your list of  beauty must-haves for fall…. Read more »

MAC Matchmaster Foundation: Fall 2011 Official Preview

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You’ve done us proud MAC. Women of every shade can appreciate and enjoy the creamy foundations that look as seamless as your natural skin tone. From creamy ivory tones to deep, rich mocha shades, MAC’s new fall 2011 Matchmaster Foundation has redefined what a perfect match should be. Not only does it contain much-needed SPF… Read more »

How to Look Great in Photos

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Tyra Banks

Ever had that awkward moment where you are not exactly sure how to pose for a picture? You don’t know which side is your “good” side and you have no idea what to do with your hands? Here are some helpful hints to have you red carpet and paparazzi ready for your next photo op… Read more »

Hot Trend to Try: Louboutin Nails

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Louboutin nails

Christian Louboutin and his trademark … well according to recent news, not “trademark protected,” red-sole shoes have created a sexy design just for your nails. Welcome … Louboutin nails. The design is just like the signature shoe that has become a fashion staple in many women’s closets, and a coveted accessory for others to include… Read more »

Talking Pretty Exclusive: Eyebrow King, Damone Roberts, Dishes on the Perfect Brow

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Damone Roberts

Considered one of the top beauty artists in the business, Damone Roberts‘ talent for painting faces and sculpting the perfect arch has graced some of the world’s most beautiful and famous people including Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Monique, Angela Bassett and many many more. He gave Talking Pretty the exclusive scoop on all there is… Read more »