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Sex appeal is not just physical looks, it has to do with swag, style and attitude. So when picking the sexiest rappers in the game we took into consideration all of those characteristics. Are they stylish? Attractive? and do they have skills on the mic? Surprisingly, most rappers have grown out of their tall-tee’s and dickies and have instead moved towards more of a hipster or GQ look. Lucky for us! Let’s take a look at some of the sexiest rappers out right now:

1. Kanye West. Although he is self-centered and pretty much a jerk-hole, you can’t deny his style. He flips from street style to GQ to high-fashion with such enviable ease. Not to mention his impact on the rap game that has set a standard no one has yet to reach.

2. Chris Brown, R&B singer/rapper is definitely a heart throb. His sweet voice and chiseled abs are what make him so irresistible.

3. A$AP Rocky makes the sexy list for swag. He is always laced with gold chains making him definitely an eye candy for the ladies.

4. King of the South, T.I., has really reinvented himself from the thugged out, rubberband man, he once was. The family man has tackled many obstacles in the past few years and is still on top and let’s not forget, sexy.

5. Big Sean makes the sexy list for his bubbly and funny personality. He is cute, no doubt, but his sense of humor and style carry him over into the sexy category.

6. Atlanta-based rapper, Future, is setting a new tone for Atlanta fashion and rap. Not to mention that perfect smile that just melts our hearts.


7. Newly off the market, Tyga, recently proposed to girlfriend Black China. Now typically, I wouldn’t find a full body of tattoos so attractive, but something about the way he and Wiz Khalifa do it just sexy.