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Earlier this month, R. Kelly claimed that he was inspired to divorce his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, after watching the film The Notebook and realizing their marriage wasn’t as strong as the love between the fictional stars of the film. But in a new interview, Andrea finally addressed her ex-husband’s claims and said his expectations were unrealistic.

“Nobody’s marriage is The Notebook. It’s a movie,” Andrea said during a recent interview on “Bethenny.”

Andrea went on to say that Kelly foolish to compare their real-life marriage, and all that it takes to make it work, to that of a fictional romance.

“I live in the real world. So to me, marriage is work. It’s hard times. It’s difficult. It’s happy. It’s sad.  There are ups and downs. So, until you find me a movie that can do that in two hours, don’t base your relationship off of a movie,” she said.

Andrea has previously said that she and Kelly no longer talk, and so she concluded that she’ll never know why he made such claims about The Notebook.

“I don’t know what he meant by that because I’m not in his head. I have no idea,” Andrea said.

Do you think R. kelly is just trying to steal the little shine that Andrea is getting from ‘Hollywood Exes’?  Did he watch ‘The Notebook’ before or after the alleged sex tape?