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When did the title “bad b**ch” come into frutition anyway?


As time progresses, so does music, but is it changing for the better?  Our women have lowered themselves to the misogynistic titles that we hear from our male hip hop stars who are more focused on getting money, and not out of new-age slavery.  Our young women are looking up to women who have done everything possible to wind up half-naked at best to get into minority targeted publications.  For the past decade, we, as a whole, have welcomed the term ‘bad b*tch’ and other alike by running out on the dance floor to touch our toes, drooling over the new bad boy on the block, and adding degrading lyrics to our social network bios.

When will we realize it’s hurting more than it’s helping?

We’re so quick to claim freedom of speech, or making lemons out of lemonade, taking the term and using to form our own feminist movement, but is it really helping?  Is it really making not only our culture, but others recognize the beauty in African American women?  Is it helping our young girls find their true power and beauty in a world that will pull you apart before you even get your first opportunity to shine?


As we grow older and become the influences and taste makers for generations after us, where are we leading these children?  Where are you going yourself?  When’s the last time you’ve heard timeless music from a woman who puts herself down more than the men that she’s quietly competing against for ignorance?  Why do we cry about quality music, but steadily support women who set us back more than the generations derived from the plantation owners who ’employed’ our ancestors?


Aren’t You Tired of Being A Bad B****?