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Don’t lie. We were watching the Grammy’s 2013 red carpet all doing the same.  Now don’t get me wrong, Janelle Monae is a very beautiful woman and the strength she has to constantly wear the same central idea in the public eye for a decade is definitely notable.  As I struggled to admit that I too wasn’t hoping she’d ditch the suit,  I realized Jared and I weren’t alone:








Of course with the bad, comes the good.  Check out some tweets from people who used words like “elegant”, “flawless”, and “sophistication.”

  • EuropeAngelique

    Yeah it’s time for the suit to go!

  • Religous Princess

    I dont find anything wrong with Monae wearing her suits. If anyone wants a different “look” they can look at the thousands of other female artists out here who choose not to be different. #blackgirlmagic.