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Jay Z and Beyonce at Nets game after elevator tape

Jay Z and Beyoncé are taking a “if we ignore it, it will go away” approach to the release of the scandalous elevator video footage of Solange attacking Jay Z. The three minute video shows a pretty heated (and one sided) attack from Solange on Jigga as Beyoncé is more concerned with the train of her dress than her sister wind-milling her husband.

Bey and Jay at Nets Game

While everyone grabbed popcorn, waiting for somebody’s, anybody’s PR team to issue a statement, in true Bey Z style, the couple made one silently by showing up together and looking quite happy at the Nets vs. Heat game last night.

We’re glad to see the hip hop’s royal couple happy. As for Aunty Solange, we’ll look for a tweet or something…