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Tiffany Foxx is not enjoying her moment in the limelight, and Lil Kim is supporting her protegee 100%. Lil Kim woke up early to call into Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 radio show to properly introduce Foxx. In the midst of Lil Kim’s sincere comment about supporting young women trying to break into the scene, Rosenberg interjects with a comment about Nicki Minaj beef. Lil Kim took no time to shut him down and remind him who we were here for- Tiffany Foxx. Though it’s easy to get Kim riled up on the subject of the Harajuku Barbie, it was totally unnecessary to bring her up in this conversation. Sometimes, I feel that the media is too busy chasing down the big story and forgets that these people are human too.

Let us know your take on the situation. Should Kim just get used to people asking about Nicki Minaj, or should everyone just let it go and move on?



  • EuropeAngelique

    The Nicki comments should be second nature to any female rapper at this point