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You may know of Rosa Acosta from being a vixen in hip hop music videos, but there is more to this chica than posing half naked.  So before you throw shade for this post don’t let those images taint the fact that this chick is quite the workout expert.  Rosa Acosta is very into being healthy and fit, and she is slowly but surely taking over the fitness world by storm.  She works out with celebrity train Mike T who also trains the lovely Angela Simmons.  Check out more of the colors available and a workout tip from Miss Acosta herself after the jump…

It is important to look good and feel good about working out.  While you may be quick to pull out the old shorts and a tee to grind out your workout, you’d be surprised how much of a difference that it makes to have on clothes you love.  Rosa Acosta has made this super easy with her new hot workout clothes.  The sets are $79.99 so not too bad.  She also has a youtube channel with all of her workouts and a few secret cooking recipes.  You can shop her line HERE.  Take a look below 2 other color sets that she has available as well as one of her workout videos.  If you happen to make a purchase let us know what you think about Miss Acosta’s line…

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