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Whether you’re going through a divorce or just looking to keep some cash to yourself, a new study is showing that it’s becoming more difficult for people to hide money from their spouses. Case in point? Tameka Foster and her celebrity ex, Usher Raymond. As previously reported, Foster and Raymond are going back and forth in a child custody case. In 2011, Tameka allegedly discovered that the R&B crooner made significantly more than he did in previous years. She later demanded that he pay her $50,000 to cover her legal fees.

So how did she find out about his new financial arrangements? That remains unknown, but there are a number of crafty ways you can find your spouse’s secret stash, most of which are linked to technology.

In 2011, 66 percent of divorce lawyers cited Facebook as the top source for compromising information. Furthermore, 92 percent of them saw an increase in evidence from smartphones. With that in mind, if you’re a computer sleuth or just a scorned lover willing to search, your partner’s hidden marital assets may be just a mouse click away.


Key-Logger Software

If you’re really diabolical and you and your partner share a computer, this technology does all the work for you.

Key-logger software tracks the keys struck on a keyboard, making usernames and passwords easily accessible. If this software is present on your PC, you can check your partner’s bank account probably without he or she even knowing.


Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts may be your best friend when trying to snoop on your spouse. Facebook and Twitter are obvious considering that people often log their location on the sites. On the financial side, however, a LinkedIn account may include information or business your partner failed to mention that could include hidden assets as well.


This one’s pretty obvious. Text messages on a smartphone can reveal infidelity or even bank account information. Some financial institutions allow customers to have their account balances sent to them via text on a daily basis. Besides text, GPS technology can be installed on cell phones to track someone’s exact location. Through that you can learn of your partner’s secret trips to a bank to deposit money into an account you were unaware of.


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