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Perhaps it’s our obsession with her personal life, who she ends up with, or her attractiveness; but why can’t we look away and avoid her actions? We almost just wait around to see if she sparks up drama or gives another reason for the press to call her an attention hound just because she’s pretty. Kim Kardashian and her family are a business that runs off publicity and we as an audience are being sucked right into it. It’s like a ten car pile up, it’s hard to look away.

Every interview Kim Kardashian has is filled with controversy for the media to devour and criticize her. And if you ask me, she is programmed to keep up the hype. From Keeping Up with the Kardashians to her relationship with Kanye West, it is all a stunt. I mean honestly, who do you know would go on with a marriage, unhappily, if money wasn’t the main motive? But there we were, flocking to the drama even though we knew what the outcome would be.

“I’d like to have a family, but I don’t want a child before I’m 35. If I’m single, then I can adopt or freeze my eggs,” she told Vanity Fair Italy. Well, that added another 4 years of publicity. I don’t knock her hustle, but come on! Give the spotlight to someone else. How about Teyana Taylor? Since her spotlight was stolen by Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle fight (Off topic but still). During the Vanity Fair interview, she stated she learned to slow down her romantic relationships from the divorce, yet months later, she ends up with Kanye West whose best friend “happens” to be Jay Z, the owner of the NY Nets, the team in which Kris Humphries plays for.

Yeah….Nothing coincidental about that. Kim Kardashian plans to keep her relationship with Kanye under wraps and not in the public or on her reality show but we’ll see how this turns out seeing that Kanye West has already released a song geared specifically towards Kris. A mess.

Check out some pics below of Kim and Kanye


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