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Fashion runs the world! Fashion is one of my favorite subjects just like every other woman on the planet right? Every woman isn’t the same size. Are you a bit curvier than the average girl? It used to be hard for girls to find inspiration for cute plus sized fashions. But that’s no longer the case! Here are my favorite plus size style blogs…


Gabi Gregg puts that “F” in fabulous. She features girls from around the world with amazing style that feature great tips on fashion and beauty.


J is student in law school from San Francisco and she has a great polished style.  Her collection of designer shoes are to die for, but not to worry she knows how to make an amazing outfit on a budget when she creates an outfit out of a thrift store find and designer accessories.


Sakina is a plus size girl living in the fashion capital of the planet, Paris! Don’t worry, for those of use who aren’t French savvy she translates her blog into English.


Christina stays up to date on the latest fashions and shows you exactly how to take what you want and make it work.


Nik’s blog is super cool because she knows clothes and makeup. She also posts vlogs and even has a shop where she sells some of her pieces.

I hope that was some help to all of my curvy women out there… Cheers!

-Europe Angelique