Is Vogue Out Of Line for Photoshopping a Front Row Audience Member at the Jason Wu Runway Show?!

Vogue was quick to Photoshop a distracting ensemble from the front row of Jason Wu’s Fall 2013 runway show. A woman in the front row was seated wearing a bright neon scarf and matching pants, which Vogue evidently was not too fond of. Before they posted photos from the collection the web editors omitted the vibrant outfit from the photo and edited it to match the monochromatic clothing on display.

Susan Waits was the first to tweet about it. Vogue has been criticized in the past for Photoshopping models but this may be the first of a Normal audience member being edited.

What are your thoughts?  Right or wrong?


source: Complex

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  • Renee Gardner

    wrong! they want people to believe that everyone that sits front row at fashion week is some big fashionista but its SOO not true… I’ve seen some terrible fashions from nyfw attendees..