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Tis the season for back to school and it is important to have the perfect fashion staples in your closet that will be both comfy and cute while you’re in class.  Check out the top 5 fashion must haves that you should have in your closet for back to school.

Plain tee:  It is important to have a plain tee because you can dress it up and dress it down.  **A secret tip that I picked up –>  For every one pair of jeans you should have 5 shirts to go with it.  This helps to create a new look.

Dressy Top:  You can never go wrong with simple dressy top.  It will spice up your look for those off days when you have no clue what to wear.  Just at a few accessories and ‘wa-lahhh’.

Blazer:  Cop a blazer ladies!  It can turn any outfit from flab to fab.  You see about that without the blazer Rih-Rih would have on denim shorts and a tank.  The blazer totally spiffed it up.  It doesn’t have to be a stella mccartney boyfriend blazer by any means, but go and find yourself a cute one at your local thrift store, H&M, or Forever 21!

Riding boot:  You can NEVER go wrong with a riding boot.  A simple boot will up the ante on your out fit.  Make sure to go out an but a quality pair that will last you.  Quality is key and you won’t be sorry if you spend a little more to get a few extra years out of your boot.

Good Pair of Denim Jeans:  I know that the leggings and jeggings craze is in but it’s always important to have a good pair of denim jeans.  Leggings are so stretchy that often times girls lose track of what size they are in jeans.  It’s important to stay on top of your clothing sizes and to not slip up!

I hope that was a help to everyone going back to school…

-Europe Angelique