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Wondering what to do with your worn out fashion pieces? Here’s an idea.

Every year, we find a few trends that seem to become so popular, that we are forced to rid of it with the coming year.  Celebrities are very prone to carrying out these styles to the masses; where their styles hardly last through a promo trail, ours last the entire year.  Now that the end of 2012 is near, here are a few things that I am begging you to ditch for the new year.

Are you guilty of wearing out any of these trends?




Nene Leakes – The see-through shirt

I know it’s nearly impossible to get rid of the trend as a whole, but if you overdid the sheer shirt this year, throw them out before the new year.  When it gets to a point when people are counting how many times you wore the same bra, it’s time to call it a wrap.


Teyana Taylor- Blue Lipstick

Thank God for the new vamp look!  Blu lips are super last year, yet somehow they made it through with the help of celebrities like Amber Rose, Teyana Taylor, Kesha, and more.  Ladies, remember that 100 count crayola box that you begged your parents for when you were younger?  All of those colors still exist- please pick another color.


Everyone- Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita Laced Platform

If you’ve been to any fashion event in any city, you know exactly what i’m talking about.  Aside from the fact that stiletto heels and pumps are definitely making their way back into every fashionistas closet, it seems like every store only sells a few of the same Jefferey Campbells and everyone has to have them. Your shoes are tired of being played out. Take them off.


Nicki Minaj and other Celebrity Women – Pink Hair

When every celebrity and their daughter has been seen with streaks if pink, the trend is on  it’s way out.  My personal advice on this- stop following celebrity hair color trends.  Everyone from the Midwest out is asking for the latest celebrity styles so your originality is lost before it even started.  I understand that pink is ‘your color’ – just not in your hair.


The Lacefront

Hardly ever do I see a properly affixed Lace front wig.  First off, lace front wigs were made for those who are on the stage (ie: actors, Stars like Beyonce), not everyday use.   There have been books written purely to educate people on how to apply the urbanly famous wig, yet and still it seems as if no one can get it right.   What is the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a hairstyle that looks anything but flattering?  Even if no one told you that it looks bad, here is the first and last time you’ll hear this- your lace front looks horrible. Get rid of it.


 Are there any other fashion trends that you’d hate to see make it through 2013?