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Box braids have been on trend since last year and the trend has only gotten bigger! The braids are boho chic and look great on anyone with a great sense of style. Box braids are even a great protective style. I know I said love my weave, but I’m definitely loving these box braids right now!

1. Longer=Better

Love those high buns? You need a lot of length to experiment with hairstyles. Make sure your braids reach to your waist at least just to ensure creative leeway.

2. Let It Go! 

Box braids are the perfect protective style that requires little effort! Enjoy the freedom they your braids get loose and get fuzzy, that’s when they are the most fun!

3. No burned ends! 

Let your ends hang loose. Never burn the ends(that’s too 90’s), instead them in boiling water.

4. Go thick! 

Don’t go any smaller than 2 inches! It’s all about the thickness of the braids for this style, you also want them to be braided loosely.

5. Say ‘Yes’ to the Knot! 

A fat knot and defined box part is essential to your box braid style. This sets the style apart from all the other braided styles.

  • Bitches

    Who ARE YOU to tell women if they can or can’t burn their ends? Its too 90’s? Shut.the.hell.up. Do what YOU want ladies.Too many sheep out here following trends!

    • TeeTee

      I get what you’re saying but you need to relax