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There is an area of our hair routine that many of us particularly dislike. For you it might be detangling. For someone else it may be styling. Whatever the least favorite aspect of your hair routine is decide to be lazy in that area but be fairly disciplined about the rest. As you go through your lazy hair weeks here are a few tips to get you through those moments when you have no desire to deal with your hair.



1. Invest in a good, slippery conditioner. It will save you a LOT of time by making detangling easier.
2. Keep hair stretched when dry to reduce knotting
3. Use a seamless wide tooth comb
4. Only finger detangle during week. Limit detangling with a comb to wash day.



5. Reduce washing to every 10 days or 2 weeks (only continue if your scalp doesn’t suffer)
6. Dampen hair and use a good moisturizer to be sure that the lack of washing doesn’t affect your moisture situation
7. If possible split up wash day (i.e. wash and apply deep conditioner over night, then rinse the following


Deep Conditioning

8. After washing apply whole leaf aloe vera gel/juice and an oil of your choice to hair. Place a shower cap on for 15-20 minutes. This is a deep conditioning treatment you don’t have to wash out, so you can style right after you’re done.


9. After washing place hair in large twists or braids (6-12). Air dry hair stretched. Remove braids the next
morning or after several hours and put hair in a simple up do.