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Design Essentials has unveiled one of this weekend’s giveaways for the World Natural Hair Show.  Take a look a our giveaway and our bring our pretty questions to the Design Essentials booth!



In partnership with, Design Essentials will be gifting our readers their new Twist & Set Lotion!  Don’t sleep on it!  Talkingpretty will be at the Design Essentials hair Booth (#207) at 4:00pm to announce the winners, and shortly after, Design Essentials will show hair enthusiasts, stylist, and natural hair savants some tricks of the trade at their Naturally Fierce Hair Show.


In order to get your free Design Essentials Twist & Set Lotion bring these questions and answers with you to the World Natural Hair Show.


– Name 3 Natural Youtube Hair Gurus 

– Tell us the two Hair Diary stories on

– Name 2  Design Essentials events that featured  on their site this year?

– What are you doing in your daily life to ‘talk pretty’ and encourage others to do the same?