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Keyshia Cole wearing pink leopard Violent Lips on 106 & Park

Violent Lips are definitely wild and fun, so that style-savvy party you plan to attend this weekend is the perfect spot to show off your attention-stealing pout.

Violent Lips are safe for ages 3 and up, are vitamin-enhanced and last from four to eight hours, depending on skin type and care. The product, if FDA approved, contains no animal products and is tested on supermodels, not animals.

For the adventurous girls who want to give these lips a shot, visit where you can purchase a set of three designed lips ranging from $10-$15. The patterns are polka dots, cheetah, rainbow, zebra and a simple pink kiss. Check out step-by-step instructions below and in rolling out‘s Talking Pretty tutorial video on the Violent Lips tattoos. –mckenzie harris

Applying your Violent Lips

1. Make sure your lips are 100 percent clean of any kind of chap stick, gloss or other products.

2. Open your mouth to the “Ahh” position.

3. Place each lip decal up to the natural shape of your lips and trim any excess off using the lines provided on the decal. Never cut from the top or bottom of the Violent Lip pattern.

4. Keep the decal outside your inner lips’ waterline, which is where your lips stay wet naturally.

5. Once your decal is cut in the proper shape, gently peel the clear film from the decal.

6. Place the decal to your top lip, again in the “Ahh” position, and, using your generously wet cotton ball, wet the back of the paper for approximately 40 seconds before you remove it.

7. Repeat the same step for the bottom lip.

8. Once the paper has been removed, wet the lips again with the cotton ball to smooth out the decal and seal it.

9. Wait five minutes for the lip tattoo to fully dry and seal.

Tip: Dab a small amount of chap stick over the lips once applied. The lips should last between four to eight hours. You can remove them with mineral or baby oil.

Will you be rocking a pair of Violent Lips this summer?

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