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Welcome to La La Land!

In black hair news, former MTV personality Lala Anthony debuts a beautiful head of cornrows, perfect for the fall season.


“I start shooting a new movie this week….the director wants cornrows…lets do it! Detroit here I come!!! Thank you @myssmonique love these braids !!!” she revealed to fans via Instagram this week.

Do you love it?!

  • 2Hilarious

    Lala Anthony is really cute with her braids on. It’s ashame that lot of celebrities don’t do that more ofter especially on the red carpet of big shows such as the Grammys, the Oscars and more. They should get braids, it’s pretty, it’s creativity and it’s black styles. Weaves it’s more like “I wanna be white” or something like that!

  • britishrose

    this chick kill me trying to display her self as black but embrace her puerto rican heritage way more , i dont even think she got any black in her ? so i heard so why is she trying to act black have black friends cause she married to a black man reminds me of a white woman always trying to fit where you will never be accepted get a life la la la .. bubble eyed ghostly looking cow with chick ankles