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Songstress Amel Larrieux reveals her secret to lush, long, healthy hair. Best known for her coif, it’s no surprise that the New York native has released an elixir for all hair types. Courtesy of Beautiful Us, the first product up for sale is a Night Before Moisturizer, aimed to soften and hydrate your tresses. Consisting of monoi oil, olive oil, sesame oil and shea butter, it’s purpose is also to aid in nourishing your hair. In other words, feel free to toss your spritzer bottles ladies…

And at a price point of $13.99, it’s pretty affordable when compared to competitors like Miss Jessie’s, Shea Moisture. “I feel that we can all kind of co-exist together. I mean, I think that we’re all special in our own right. I respect what Shea Moisture does, I respect what all of these other companies do. It’s really about what each individual is finding that works for their hair and hair type.” Larrieux told HelloBeautiful of her competitors.

She added… “Night Before’ is a base with delicious oils with Monoi being a really important one. It’s one of those things where honestly, what freaked me out is that you can use this product all over your body. There’s the coconut oil, there’s the shea, the olive, it’s the carrot extract. It’s so interesting because I can honestly use it the night before and literally the next morning use it again. It’s truly so versatile, it’s kind of shocking. It’s got one of those amazing smells that you just kind of want to bite the person who’s wearing it because it smells so delicious.”

If you’re anything like us, she had you at “delicious.” Will you be trying Larrieux’s elixir?