5 celebrities who inspire us to go ‘natural’

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To chop or not to chop? That is the question! Spring is here and while we all love our box braids, cornrows and enhanced afro’s the maintenance can be a bit overwhelming at times. The great news… although for many of us, natural hair has always been “in” it is now a “movement.” From many… Read more »

7 Awesome Advantages of Short Natural Hair

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short hair

  Although long hair has been the beauty standard since the beginning of time, a lot of our natural hair sistas are now sporting a short do’.  Whether it’s because you’ve undergone the ‘big chop‘ or because you just needed a change, there are a few surprising advantages to having short hair.   1. Stronger Ends New… Read more »

Considering the Big Chop? 4 Tips for Black Hair Going Natural

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Tips for the big chop

When you’re making the decision to return your hair to its natural state you have two primary options: transitioning or cutting. The latter, known in the natural hair community as ‘the Big Chop’, is the fastest way to achieving 100% natural hair.  Though it may not always suit everyone, going through with the Big Chop can be… Read more »