3 Homemade Hair Treatments for Black Hair

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Taking care of your luscious locks can be quite expensive with all its upkeep. Save some dollars and still get top-notch hair treatments at home. These recipes below will take care of damaged hair, brittle hair and even hair that just needs some shine.

Black Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips for Relaxed Hair

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Considering the natural hair epidemic it’s easy for relaxer buffs to get lost in the shuffle. Caring for natural hair is a lot different than maintaining processed hair health. Due to the strong chemical processes it is very important to take special and unique care of the fragile hair. These 5 tips for relaxed hair… Read more »

Top Beauty Apps for Your iPad

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beauty apps

Your iPad can do just about anything.  It stores your music, works as a remote for your tv, stores whole books, posts pictures etc. It also pins your Pinterests, lets you communicate with friends and family on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and just about anything else you can imagine. As if Steve Jobs didn’t create enough of… Read more »

9 Natural Hair Care Tips to Help Save Time

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natural hair

  There is an area of our hair routine that many of us particularly dislike. For you it might be detangling. For someone else it may be styling. Whatever the least favorite aspect of your hair routine is decide to be lazy in that area but be fairly disciplined about the rest. As you go… Read more »

Gabby Douglas Goes Glam For Essence Magazine

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Gabby Douglas for Essence

    A seemingly spontaneous hair and makeup makeover for an Olympian may not have been so spur of the moment after all. Gabby Douglas, 16, was photographed in New York last week looking primped and polished at the hands of hairstylist Ted Gibson, who revamped her look at his salon. Now it appears that… Read more »

5 Up and Coming Celebrity Hair Trendsetters

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Celebrities have always had a huge influence over our choices when it comes to products that we consume, fashion that we grow to love, makeup that we try, and hairstyles. One has to be special to receive the privilege of being called a trendsetter. Check out the celebrities that have managed to change our taste… Read more »

3 Beauty Techniques You Can Use in Your Sleep!

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Here are a few things that you can do to beautify yourself .. WHILE SLEEP! 1. Condition your hair Conditioning your hair is a great way to keep it healthy, lush, and gorgeous. There are many ways to do this, such as by shopping for leave-in conditioners or serums from your favorite brands, or making… Read more »

True Life: I Love My Hair Nappy and Undone

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renee gardner natural

    I am a woman I am a black woman. I am a black woman who doesn’t care about her hair.     I grew up a tomboy that didn’t mind wearing dresses. I spent more time riding my bike than practicing how to put on makeup. My mom used to put a couple… Read more »

5 Most Popular Celebrity Endorsed Weave Brands

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Vanessa Simmons - Celebrity Endorsed Weaves

Weave, weave, and more weave!  What’s not to love about weave?!  It may be a little tough on your pockets but it’s worth it.  As of lately, a lot of our favorite celebs have been signing endorsement deals with weave brands. As they make television, red carpet, and promotional appearances, the brands get  the perks… Read more »

The Top 5 Natural Hair Youtubers

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natural hair website dumb nymag

We gave you the top weave experts on youtube … now we have the top 5 natual hair youtubers.  Check them below! tiashauntee  luvbeinnatural  NaturalChocolate CurlyShee 2cvest -Europe Angelique

Love Weave? Check Out the Top 5 Black Weave Youtubers

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Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 1.41.01 PM

This day and age weave is becoming more and more normal for the everyday woman.  Extensions add that extra thickness to the hair that a lot of women can’t obtain.  Take a look at our favorite youtube gurus that we cant get enough of! Ming Lee x Iamminglee86 Twitter: @IamMinglee Tiarra Monet x teasedblackpearlz Fabulasityisme Allthingsfab91 MsChanda… Read more »

Is Natural Black Hair Care Redundant? Why Are Black Women So Negative?

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Natural Hair Beauties

As I peruse beauty websites daily, it seems that more and more people are embracing the natural hair conversation.  Whether it’s because your best friend just did the “Big Chop“, or  you ‘liked’ the Facebook picture of the white father finding frustration in his daughters plaits, or simply because your favorite celebrity  finally unveiled what they are working with,… Read more »

Back off Gabby Douglas’ Hair!

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gabby douglas hair

The moment that Gabby Douglas won her gold medals was the moment that African American women should be the proudest of our young talented sister.  Why is it that in a time when a young women has surpassed goals and ambitions of many to come before her, we are too busy worrying about her hair?… Read more »

Is Amber Rose Pregnant? This Picture Says ‘Yes’

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Amber Rose pregnant

Either Amber Rose is letting go of her bodacious body or flaunting the beginning stages of her baby bump. Just recently, Amber was spotted poolside at a Hollywood hotel sporting a new chestnut brown ‘do (Amber Rose no longer dying her hair?) munching on a burrito and ginger ale. Don’t these sound like cravings? Well… Read more »

FroMe2u Accessory Brand Launches Fall 2012 Collection

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FroMe2u Fall 2012

The FroMe2u accessory brand, based in Atlanta, has launched their Fall 2012 collection of customized earrings and pins fit for those interested in a bold, statement-making style. FroMe2u has designed customized accessories for Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Kandi, Necole Bitchie, Tiny, Lisa Raye, Trina & more! The FroMe2u brand also allows the customer to be… Read more »