Pretty Girl of the Week: Nadia Beeman

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nadia beeman pretty girl of the week

Name: Nadia Beeman Age:23 School/major: Temple University, Sociology Occupation: Nordstrom stylist Where are you from? Mpls How do you describe your style? Wearing whatever I want to wear that day and making it work. How did you chose this outfit? I feel comfortable in it. What plays a major role in choosing your looks? My… Read more »

Celebs on Vacay: Solange Knowles

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Solange Knowles on vacay

Celebs love to vacay!  Is this a surprise?  Solange Knowles loves to travel to quiet serene places. She has recently went on a posting rampage of her travels. She posted a photo of her sitting on a rock topless chilling enjoying the scenery in Nashawena Island, Massachusetts. Solange recently expressed to Necole Bitchie her feeling… Read more »

Black and Natural Hair: 5 Tips For Longer Hair

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naturla hair longer

  Everyone wants longer natural hair.  Take a look at a few reasons you might be holding yourself back from your natural hair goal.   1. You ignore breakage. Chances are, your hair natural hair isn’t longer is that you have split ends which are breaking off your hair at the same rate as it is growing…. Read more »

Considering the Big Chop? 4 Tips for Black Hair Going Natural

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Tips for the big chop

When you’re making the decision to return your hair to its natural state you have two primary options: transitioning or cutting. The latter, known in the natural hair community as ‘the Big Chop’, is the fastest way to achieving 100% natural hair.  Though it may not always suit everyone, going through with the Big Chop can be… Read more »

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles for Black Women from The Beauty Shop

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Top Summer Hairstyles

  Name: Ana Thomas Occupation: Hairstylist (freelance and in salon), Salon Owner Salon: The Beauty Shop Years in the business: Seven Tell us about your grand opening. The grand opening event is scheduled for June 30. Our goal is to introduce our services and staff to the Dallas area, and connect with like-minded businesswomen in the metroplex. We… Read more »

10 Iconic Hairstyles; How Many Have You Experimented With?

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    Hairstyles have long been signifiers of culture, religion and values. Here are a 10 iconic styles and their history. 1. Cleopatra’s non-bob In her 1963 role as the Cleopatra, actress Elizabeth Taylor forever cemented a vision of the Egyptian queen in pop culture, complete with a shoulder-length black bob adorned with gold. In fact,contemporary portraits of Cleopatra… Read more »

What’s Your Natural Hair Type?

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natural hair

    The natural hair phenomenon is sweeping the world by storm and surprise. With actresses like Viola Davis, models like Solange, and artists such as Esperanza Spaulding showing off their lovely natural locs, women are feeling more inspired to try something other than your typical perm, weave, and straighten.  So for those who are… Read more »

Joan Smalls Covers Vogue Italia’s Controversial March Issue

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Joan Smalls- Vogue Italia

Italian Vogue‘s new March issue  marked an exciting time for most people, especially Joan Smalls, the first black model to front the magazine in four years. Upon it’s release, Joan Smalls tweeted excitedly, saying the cover represents a dream come true. However, Vogue Italia’s “Haute Mess” issue has raised a few eyebrows with a few pictures of models… Read more »

Black Hair Care: 4 Easy At-Home Relaxers

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Natural hair is carving out a niche of it’s own, but we can’t forget about our relaxed sistas out there either. For the times when you can’t always make it to the salon, we’ve provided you with four at home relaxers you can use yourself that will keep your hair healthy, shiny, manageable and straight… Read more »

Does Natural Hair Drive Men Away?

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As a new member of the “Natural Hair Club” I can attest that embracing my hair in its natural state has been a bit of a challenge. In a world where black women have numerous options to choose from when it comes to their hair, whether it’s extensions, wigs, braids, dread locks, relaxed or natural,… Read more »