Has photoshop gone too far?

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Ladies, we’re all guilty of flipping through a magazine and envying the long and lengthy, tightly toned bodies that fill the pages of some of the world’s most iconic fashion publications. But are women in our society being held up to realistic expectations? We’re not saying that every model fakes it to make it but… Read more »

Unretouched image of Mariah Carey released

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In a society obsessed with appearances, retouching has become commonplace in areas ranging from high fashion to the simple Instagram profile. Recently, Jezebel released unretouched images of mega superstar Mariah Carey from a recent photo shoot she did with celebrity photographer Terry Ruchardson. The images flash between the distinctly retouched snaps that were published in… Read more »

Plus size woman bares it all on Hollywood Blvd

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPWu_Pdfjko Amani Terrell is sick of Hollywood’s idealistic perceptions of what a “perfect” woman looks like. At 260 lbs. Terrell is far from what Hollywood would consider perfect but she doesn’t agree with them. Instead of venting on twitter or complaining about it, Terrell took to the streets to send the world a message of self… Read more »

Zara Doesn’t Care About Your Womanly Curves or Insecurities

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    Fashion-forward girls love Zara for its trendy styles, affordable prices, and all-around Euro-chic look, but there’s just one problem that’s hard to overlook—the sizing. According to an article on Coco Perez, the fast-fashion Spain-based retailer is struggling to find an audience in the States, thanks in part to its contemporary (aka ultra-slim) cuts.  While women in metropolitan areas are quick… Read more »

5 Smart Ways to Avoid a Negative Body Image

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No matter what your age or your gender,  it is so important to avoid negative body image. To suffer from this stress is very common, but it is possible to avoid it. It is important to embrace yourself. This is another addition to being a healthy person. You would be surprised how awfully a bad… Read more »