Black Vogue uses fashion to evoke change

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Nareasha Willis (Photo courtesy of Nareasha Willis)

If you’re a fashion junkie, more than likely you’ve stumbled across Black Vogue. The clothing line went viral after a Paris Fashion Week attendant was photographed wearing an eye-catching “Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable” hoodie. The woman behind the design is 25-year-old Nareasha Willis, a multi talented designer, creative director, entrepreneur and activist. The hoodie is a… Read more »

Tamara S. Bowens, Designer

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Tamara S. Bowens

Tamara S. Bowens is an avid art collector, style icon, community activist, philanthropist, Harvard scholar and business executive. But on top of it all, she is best known for her latest contribution to the world of high fashion. Bowens has always had a passion for art and fashion. In 2010, equipped with 15 years of… Read more »