Kerry Washington on why she’s not interested in getting her post-baby body ‘back’

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“Scandal” star Kerry Washington, 38, graces the September cover of Self magazine. In the pages of the lifestyle publication, the mother of 17-month-old daughter Isabelle breaks down her go-to workout… pilates and says she’s not interested in getting her post-baby body back anytime soon. “There are a lot of forms of exercise where you have… Read more »

Healthy juice recipes you can make at home

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Put down your jamba juice! There’s a more cost effective way to get you hands on your favorite, fancy juice drink, right at home. It seems like just yesterday this trend took off, but in all actuality, The Wall Street Journal first gushed about juicing several years ago saying “carrying a bottle of vegetable juice… Read more »

5 Foods that fight belly fat

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Apple Cider Vinegar contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and acetic acid that help curb the appetite and produce protein to help the body burn belly fat. Lemon Water can speed up your metabolism by aiding toxins flowing through your liver and out of your body. Fermented Foods like Greek yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and sourdough… Read more »

Tone and tighten your mid section with Corey S. Taylor

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Hey ladies! Are you ready for summer?! Ready to squeeze into that itty bitty bikini you’ve been eyeing at the department store? Well, don’t fret! Get summer time fine with the following 5 minute ab workout, sure to have your mid section ready for the beach. No weights or gym memberships needed, this workout can… Read more »

Detox Waters Recipes

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Whether you are trying to kick-off your weight-loss the right way or cleanse your body from a weekend of partying, detox waters are a great way to rev up your immune system and getting you on the right foot to start your day. Below we’ve listed some recipes that help target toxins in specific organs and… Read more »

5 Signs That You Need To Lose Weight

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Does Starbucks know your breakfast order by heart?  Do you not remember the last time you saw the inside of the gym? Does your dog freak out when you walk around the house nakes?  These, among many other things perhaps, are some signs that it’s time to shed some pounds my friend! It’s great to be… Read more »

Celebrities Who Shed the Baby Weight Fast!

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Aren’t you always wondering how celebs shake off the baby weight so quickly?! I’m not even prego and I wonder how to lose weight. Recently, reality star Kimbella Vanderhee of “Love & Hip Hop” showed off her 20 pound weight loss after only 2 weeks! Kimbella Vanderhee recently gave birth to a 7 pound, 3… Read more »

Curvy and Fit : Tips to Maintain a Curvaceous but Tone Body

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Naturally curvy body and unsure how to work out without losing your curves completely? To maintain can certainly be hard but to tone ideal areas without losing femininity, while having curves is very difficult. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ashanti, and Beyonce are known for naturally curvaceous bodies and go to all measures to stay fit…. Read more »

5 Tips for the Perfect Butt: Summer 2012

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How many times have you laid in bed at 2 am watching those intense Brazilian Butt Lift infomercials and felt obligated to jump out of bed to start butt exercising right then and there? Guilty? I know it’s hard not to fall into the hype, but it is important to have determination and set a… Read more »