Black Vogue uses fashion to evoke change

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If you’re a fashion junkie, more than likely you’ve stumbled across Black Vogue. The clothing line went viral after a Paris Fashion Week attendant was photographed wearing an eye-catching “Ghetto Until Proven Fashionable” hoodie. The woman behind the design is 25-year-old Nareasha Willis, a multi talented designer, creative director, entrepreneur and activist. The hoodie is a… Read more »

Black Women: When Did We Become So Ratchet?

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*Deep Sigh* From the picture above, there are no words. As I chuckle, I wonder how many Black women wear this hairstyle, how much did she spend to get this style ( literally), and when did it become OK to use dollar bills for hair weave? People’s priorities these days are shot. Instead of using the… Read more »