The ABC’s to Beauty: Beauty Product Must-Haves

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With winter in full force, there are essentials that should top every bathroom counter. The right products can keep your hair and skin moisturized to fight the blistery cold weather that the wintry months bring. It’s as easy as ABC. Do your body a favor with these three beauty secrets. A- Argan Oil This oil,… Read more »

Angel Beauty Box Meet & Greet

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Are you a product junkie always looking for the new trend in hair care and beauty? Or are you still in search of the perfect mix for your tresses and skin? Angel Beauty Box has the fix for your dilemma. On Thursday night I attended the Angel Beauty Box Meet & Greet at Coze in… Read more »

Black Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips for Relaxed Hair

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Considering the natural hair epidemic it’s easy for relaxer buffs to get lost in the shuffle. Caring for natural hair is a lot different than maintaining processed hair health. Due to the strong chemical processes it is very important to take special and unique care of the fragile hair. These 5 tips for relaxed hair… Read more »

Pedicure Pleasure- 10|10 Nail Salon

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When I travel to different cities I love to try out new salons that I have never visited before.  I was recently in New York City and got a pedicure at ten over ten nail salon located in Tribeca. This was by far the best pedicure that I have ever received.  Let’s start off with… Read more »

Top Beauty Apps for Your iPad

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Your iPad can do just about anything.  It stores your music, works as a remote for your tv, stores whole books, posts pictures etc. It also pins your Pinterests, lets you communicate with friends and family on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and just about anything else you can imagine. As if Steve Jobs didn’t create enough of… Read more »

3 Beauty Techniques You Can Use in Your Sleep!

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Here are a few things that you can do to beautify yourself .. WHILE SLEEP! 1. Condition your hair Conditioning your hair is a great way to keep it healthy, lush, and gorgeous. There are many ways to do this, such as by shopping for leave-in conditioners or serums from your favorite brands, or making… Read more »

Pretty Nail Trend of the Week: Magnetic Nail Polish

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Nail polish and nail art is a huge trend right now.  It isn’t always easy to achieve a chic nail look from home. This was true up until Magnetic Nail Polish was release. No, your nails aren’t technically magnetic, but the bottle does come with a magnetic cap that allows you to change the nail… Read more »

5 Most Popular Celebrity Endorsed Weave Brands

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Weave, weave, and more weave!  What’s not to love about weave?!  It may be a little tough on your pockets but it’s worth it.  As of lately, a lot of our favorite celebs have been signing endorsement deals with weave brands. As they make television, red carpet, and promotional appearances, the brands get  the perks… Read more »

The Top 5 Natural Hair Youtubers

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We gave you the top weave experts on youtube … now we have the top 5 natual hair youtubers.  Check them below! tiashauntee  luvbeinnatural  NaturalChocolate CurlyShee 2cvest -Europe Angelique

Love Weave? Check Out the Top 5 Black Weave Youtubers

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This day and age weave is becoming more and more normal for the everyday woman.  Extensions add that extra thickness to the hair that a lot of women can’t obtain.  Take a look at our favorite youtube gurus that we cant get enough of! Ming Lee x Iamminglee86 Twitter: @IamMinglee Tiarra Monet x teasedblackpearlz Fabulasityisme Allthingsfab91 MsChanda… Read more »

5 Most Popular Black Plus Size Bloggers

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Fashion runs the world! Fashion is one of my favorite subjects just like every other woman on the planet right? Every woman isn’t the same size. Are you a bit curvier than the average girl? It used to be hard for girls to find inspiration for cute plus sized fashions. But that’s no longer the… Read more »

Pretty Tumblr Fashion Pics of the Week

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Tumblr is one of the top sources for fashion on the world wide web.  People all over the world have an account, even celebrities.  Everyone loves Tumblr because it’s so easy to share what you’re feeling at the moment with the click of a button and anything goes!  There are no wrongs or rights …… Read more »

Stepping Out: Sexy DIY Date Night Makeup

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Ladies it is important to perfect that quick sexy date night makeup. It’s great to find tricks that makes your makeup look sophisticated so that you don’t look like you’re just thrown together. Every girl should have a polished look when stepping outside of the house.  Here is an easy makeup tutorial! Achieve the look… Read more »

Pretty Girl of the Week: Lucia Beeman Randle

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Name: Lucia Beeman Randle Age: 20 School/major: University of Minnesota / Marketing Where are you from? Minneapolis. MN How do you describe your style? All over the place. Bright, fun, vintage. How did you choose this outfit? I always like outfits that look like I just threw them on, even if I was thinking about… Read more »