Black Women Need the Natural Hair Movement to Succeed

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Taliah Waajid  World Natural Hair Show 2012

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show, and I met a lot of great women!  Among the thousands of women (and men) who were in attendance, there were so many variations of hair styles, types, and of course hair history.

4 Cute Hairstyles to Hide Split-Ends

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  Split ends are such a nuisance! Not to worry though these 5 hairstyles will not only hide your split-ends, but they are also protective styles to help prevent any further damage to your cherished hair. Hair T: Trim ends every six weeks! The only true way to combat split-ends is by cutting them off. These hairstyles are… Read more »

7 Must-Haves for Perfect Hair

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  Achieving perfect hair on a day-to-day basis just got easier. Listed below are the 7 key tools to creating your perfect sleek and healthy hairstyles. These are secrets even the celebrities want to know!

The Benefits of Rocking the ‘Natural Hair’ Wig

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We all have natural hair envy.  Solange Knowles has admitted that from time to time she rocks an afro wig… and isn’t Kelly Rowland’s big do’ just to die for? I’ve even resorted to rocking the big hair.  Let’s face, if you can’t grow it buy it, right? ‘Going natural‘ is something to embrace but let’s be… Read more »

3 Homemade Hair Treatments for Black Hair

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Taking care of your luscious locks can be quite expensive with all its upkeep. Save some dollars and still get top-notch hair treatments at home. These recipes below will take care of damaged hair, brittle hair and even hair that just needs some shine.

9 Natural Hair Care Tips to Help Save Time

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natural hair

  There is an area of our hair routine that many of us particularly dislike. For you it might be detangling. For someone else it may be styling. Whatever the least favorite aspect of your hair routine is decide to be lazy in that area but be fairly disciplined about the rest. As you go… Read more »

10 Natural Head Wrap Styles in 10 Minutes or Less!

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naptural85 head scarf

  Silk head scarves have increased in popularity among naturals (and non-naturals!) over the past couple years. They’re super versatile, easy and — when done right — very cute. Vlogger Naptural85 has compiled 10 different ways to tie a head scarf in less than 10 minutes! The styles include The Chic Pirate, The Turban, The… Read more »

3 Beauty Techniques You Can Use in Your Sleep!

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Here are a few things that you can do to beautify yourself .. WHILE SLEEP! 1. Condition your hair Conditioning your hair is a great way to keep it healthy, lush, and gorgeous. There are many ways to do this, such as by shopping for leave-in conditioners or serums from your favorite brands, or making… Read more »

True Life: I Love My Hair Nappy and Undone

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renee gardner natural

    I am a woman I am a black woman. I am a black woman who doesn’t care about her hair.     I grew up a tomboy that didn’t mind wearing dresses. I spent more time riding my bike than practicing how to put on makeup. My mom used to put a couple… Read more »

7 Awesome Advantages of Short Natural Hair

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short hair

  Although long hair has been the beauty standard since the beginning of time, a lot of our natural hair sistas are now sporting a short do’.  Whether it’s because you’ve undergone the ‘big chop‘ or because you just needed a change, there are a few surprising advantages to having short hair.   1. Stronger Ends New… Read more »

The Top 5 Natural Hair Youtubers

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natural hair website dumb nymag

We gave you the top weave experts on youtube … now we have the top 5 natual hair youtubers.  Check them below! tiashauntee  luvbeinnatural  NaturalChocolate CurlyShee 2cvest -Europe Angelique

Pretty Tumblr Fashion Pics of the Week

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Tumblr is one of the top sources for fashion on the world wide web.  People all over the world have an account, even celebrities.  Everyone loves Tumblr because it’s so easy to share what you’re feeling at the moment with the click of a button and anything goes!  There are no wrongs or rights …… Read more »

Design Essentials at’s “Natural You Mixer”

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design essentials

  Global hair care leader, Design Essentials®, joined top Houston hair blog,, for their quarterly Natural You Mixer which convened more than 100 natural beauties at the Ensemble Theatre  in Houston, TX. This festive affair offered natural hair styling presentations, hair consultations and product giveaways to Houston’s growing community of naturalistas.  Design Essentials Master Stylist Candace Walls was on hand to demonstrate styling… Read more »