The top 5 red lipsticks for any skin tone

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Once you prep that ruby red pout, everything changes. And while many women are a bit intimidated by rocking a sexy, classic red lip, it can be done! For the top red lipsticks for any skin tone, scroll below. MAC Ruffian Red, $16, available at MAC Cosmetics Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color in Stoplight… Read more »

10 Celebs That Rock Red Lips

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Red lips are a number of things: sexy, seductive, classy, elegant and the list could go on. But red lips can only be achieved by few, any slight error, be it with shading or stained teeth, red lips can take a face from glam to granny with the blink  of an eye. The key to… Read more »

Update: Your Makeup is Metal. The Top 40 Most Dangerous Products

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  Dating back to the 18th century, women  France, courtesans applied vermilion rouge, which contained sulfur and mercury, and suffered damage to their teeth, livers, and nervous systems as a result. While the levels are much lower, according to a 2011 report by Environmental Defense, an Ontario-based research group, dangerous heavy metals still lurk in lip gloss, mascara, foundation, blush, eye… Read more »