Guess who is going to play Olivia Pope’s Mom?

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*Spoiler Alert* In last week’s episode of “Scandal,” we learned Olivia’s father and the President are hiding information regarding the death of Olivia Pope’s mother. As audiences sit wide-eyed and dismayed at the allegations, many also sit anxiously hoping to find out who will play her. For all the twist and turns that happen on the… Read more »

Get the Look: Olivia Pope

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  If you happen to be a fan of the hit show “Scandal“, then chances are you are a fan of Olivia Pope’s monochromatic wardrobe. The infamous White House mistress wore a silk strapless Rubin Singer gown. Singer is an American designer whose clothing, including Washington’s dress, is available at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth… Read more »

5 Successful Black Women in TV

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It’s easy to list of the women we see on reality television, but is that the kind of person you really want to know? Most of the women on reality shows are trying, emphasis on the trying, to make something of themselves, but it’s the women you don’t see or pay close enough attention to… Read more »