Pretty Nail Trend of the Week: Magnetic Nail Polish

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Nail polish and nail art is a huge trend right now.  It isn’t always easy to achieve a chic nail look from home. This was true up until Magnetic Nail Polish was release. No, your nails aren’t technically magnetic, but the bottle does come with a magnetic cap that allows you to change the nail… Read more »

The Top 5 Natural Hair Youtubers

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natural hair website dumb nymag

We gave you the top weave experts on youtube … now we have the top 5 natual hair youtubers.  Check them below! tiashauntee  luvbeinnatural  NaturalChocolate CurlyShee 2cvest -Europe Angelique

Love Weave? Check Out the Top 5 Black Weave Youtubers

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Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 1.41.01 PM

This day and age weave is becoming more and more normal for the everyday woman.  Extensions add that extra thickness to the hair that a lot of women can’t obtain.  Take a look at our favorite youtube gurus that we cant get enough of! Ming Lee x Iamminglee86 Twitter: @IamMinglee Tiarra Monet x teasedblackpearlz Fabulasityisme Allthingsfab91 MsChanda… Read more »

Joseline Hernandez’ 5 Most Feminine Makeup Looks

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love and hip hop atlanta joseline

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez is known to have a very masculine image on the show.  Some viewers even questioned if she was a man.  We have put together Joseline’s top 5 best feminine looks to show that she can actually be a pretty lady.  Take a look at the selected looks!

Rihanna Gets Dropped From Nivea – Is Her Career Over?

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Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 2.07.36 PM

Everyone’s favorite bad girl Rihanna isn’t appealing to her endorsers anymore. It seems as if Rihanna re-invents herself with the changing season. A global brand usually looks for a spokesperson with a solid image, that can carry out the brand positively throughout the duration of their contract.  You never know what you will get when… Read more »

Pretty Tumblr Fashion Pics of the Week

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Tumblr is one of the top sources for fashion on the world wide web.  People all over the world have an account, even celebrities.  Everyone loves Tumblr because it’s so easy to share what you’re feeling at the moment with the click of a button and anything goes!  There are no wrongs or rights …… Read more »

Black and Beautiful: Plus Size Women on Screen

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Contrary to popular belief the average size for women in the U.S. is a size 14! The need for black plus size beauties is obvious. It is important to have women who are realistic looking on the big screen… someone that the everyday woman can relate to. Modeling agencies, talent scouts, and clothing designers recognize… Read more »

The Chec-Mate Application: A New App to Check Your HIV Status

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black woman

It is so important to take control of your sexual health. That also goes for using protection during sexual encounters, another key element in staying healthy is knowing your status. While most people probably schedule their STI (sexually transmitted infections) tests with their primary doctor, some are too shy to broach the subject with their… Read more »

Stepping Out: Sexy DIY Date Night Makeup

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Ciara DIY makeup

Ladies it is important to perfect that quick sexy date night makeup. It’s great to find tricks that makes your makeup look sophisticated so that you don’t look like you’re just thrown together. Every girl should have a polished look when stepping outside of the house.  Here is an easy makeup tutorial! Achieve the look… Read more »

Pretty Girl Fashion Trend: Colorful Accessories

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 (Shop Pretty Baby Jewelry) Colorful accessories are what’s hot right now. It can be a challenge for some to wear brightly colored accessories without feeling a little self-conscious, but it’s important for those individuals to know that you can wear colorful accessories without going overboard! Colorful rings, nail polish, necklaces and shoes pack the shelves of… Read more »

The Dangers of Beauty: Butt Shots

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vanity wonder shot girls

(before and after of Vanity Wonder) These days lots of women are on the craze to gain a ‘fat booty.’ Instead of doing squats and working out, girls are going for the quicker route, butt injections. Fat is the most common substance injected for implants among certified plastic surgeons, which is typically transferred from another… Read more »

Kelly Rowland & Friends Celebrate the Debut of Her ‘Special Edition’ Watches

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Kelly Rowland was the special lady of the night. She unveiled her new TW Steel Kelly Rowland “Special Edition” watches at The Standard in New York City. Tika Sumpter, Adrienne Bailon, and Jessica White were a few of her girls in attendance that night. Kelly Rowland’s new partnership with TW Steel watch company expanded into her… Read more »

Trend Watch: Rocker Chic

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ciara rocker chic

Ladies, as we ease into fall, the rocker chic look is coming in more than ever.  This look includes lots of denim, American flags, camouflage, chains paired with leather, and a sexy heel, tennis shoe, or boot.  Take a look below at some celebs that pull this look off with ease. Ciara is great at… Read more »