5 Places to Post Your Fashion Adventures

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Everyone loves fashion and it’s become more and more common everyday for people to share.  Check out our top 5 places to post you fashion adventures! Tumblr With the click of a button the fashion photos that you will die for are at your fingertips.  It’s super easy to make an account and also is… Read more »

Beyonce’s Most Fashionable Tumblr Pictures

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  Beyonce along with our other favorite celebrities proved that the top Summer trend was all about prints and vibrant colors.  After the birth of Blue Ivy, we have had a chance to see Beyonce, Solange, and the rest of her cute cousins and friends having a blast as they traveled around the world. I… Read more »

Pretty Tumblr Fashion Pics of the Week

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Tumblr is one of the top sources for fashion on the world wide web.  People all over the world have an account, even celebrities.  Everyone loves Tumblr because it’s so easy to share what you’re feeling at the moment with the click of a button and anything goes!  There are no wrongs or rights …… Read more »

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Fashion

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Fashion grows and evolves into something new everyday.  It used to be that you would have to travel city to city to see the new trends unless you were able to catch a glimpse of them on your tv screen, but thanks to the world wide web it’s getting easier and easier to keep up…. Read more »

Beyonce Stars and Directs Documentary on Her Life and Career, Business or Genuine Project?

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  Just like her husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé is looking to expand her already lengthy résumé. According to the L.A. Times, Beyoncé  and her people at ICM have recently been shopping a nonfiction film to Hollywood studios about her life and career. An anonymous source says the movie is a mix of music and personal study, combining concert… Read more »

This is How To Make Your Style Blog Successful!

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Blogging has become the new escape to another world, a place to express one’s interests, talents or expertise. Those who wish to share their style and fashion tips with others can do so on a plethora of blog sites, such as Tumblr. ELLE Magazine talked with Rich Tong, Tumblr’s fashion director, about essential tips for fashion bloggers to… Read more »