Sofia Vergara goes Blonde: Spring’s Hot Hair Trend

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  Sofia Vergara, the spicy Latin brunette actress, is no longer that! She’s a blonde! The Columbian actress debuted her new look in a recent Twitter picture, and since then, she’s even shared with us a few throw back modeling pictures, where her hair was blonde before.  Did you know she was a natural blonde?… Read more »

Janelle Monae’s Suit a Fashion DON’T? Twitter Speaks

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  Janelle monae wearing…. HOLD YOUR BREATHE …….. Another suit — Jared Harley (@jaredgnarly) February 11, 2013   Don’t lie. We were watching the Grammy’s 2013 red carpet all doing the same.  Now don’t get me wrong, Janelle Monae is a very beautiful woman and the strength she has to constantly wear the same central… Read more »

NYFW 2013 on Instagram: Day 1

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  (Just a reminder on How to Walk)   It seems as if the whole world is buzzing over the start of New York Fashion Week.  As fashion savants from all over the world flocked to New York City’s Lincoln Center this morning, the rest of the world was waiting for the exclusive footage. Anyway,… Read more »

Beyonce performs at Super Bowl 2013: Women Celebrities show support via Twitter

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    Just before Beyonce hit the field with Kelly and Michelle for her Super Bowl 2013 Halftime performance, a few of our favorite celebrity women tweeted their support!  These are the moments we love!     Beyonce Bowl. — solange knowles (@solangeknowles) February 3, 2013     Beyonce!!! Oh…not yet…sorry excited.lolol. — ledisi (@ledisi)… Read more »

5 Successful Black Women in TV

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It’s easy to list of the women we see on reality television, but is that the kind of person you really want to know? Most of the women on reality shows are trying, emphasis on the trying, to make something of themselves, but it’s the women you don’t see or pay close enough attention to… Read more »

On Twitter with ‘talkingpretty’

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At talkingpretty we LOVE our supporters!  Thank you to everyone that interacts with us.  We do it for you!  If you are not already following us on twitter follow us @talkingpretty.  Just so that you know we keep an eye on our supporters check out some of our interactions that we received below… -Europe Angelique

Is Your Favorite Celebrity Slacking? Call ’em Out!

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    Harry Belefonte called out Beyonce for her lack of community involvement. Unsurprisingly, Beyonce starts her charity campaigning.  A few years back, Trey Songz called out R. Kelly about his artistic decline, and R. Kelly releases a Grammy Award winning album, ‘Love Letter’. Ne-Yo recently called out Trey Songz, and though Trey responded by… Read more »

K. Michelle or Toya Wright? Who Will Win in A Fight?

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It’s no secret that K. Michelle and Toya Wright are far from friends. The two women have recently been embroiled in a feud over K. Michelle’s allegations that MeMpHiTz, her former boyfriend and Wright’s current husband, assaulted her when they were together years ago. In a recent Twitter battle, K. Michelle took her beef with Wright to another level, when she… Read more »

Do You Honestly Think Gabby Douglas Would Go to Spelman?

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Gabby Douglas, A 16-year-old gymnastics phenom may very well be on her way to one of the most prestigious historically black colleges in the country. Gabby Douglas, the first black American to win the individual all-around Olympic gold medal is reportedly being fiercely recruited by Spelman College, the historically black liberal arts college for women. On Tuesday, the school’s president, Dr. Beverly Tatum,… Read more »

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Fashion

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Fashion grows and evolves into something new everyday.  It used to be that you would have to travel city to city to see the new trends unless you were able to catch a glimpse of them on your tv screen, but thanks to the world wide web it’s getting easier and easier to keep up…. Read more »

Rihanna’s Vacation at Sea

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    After Rihanna’s recent passing of her grandmother, and traveling around the world performing for hundreds of thousands of fans, Rihanna has decided to steal some time away with her friends on a boat.  No word on where she’s going, but we’re pretty sure it’s somewhere exotic. Take a look at Rihanna’s vacation pictures…. Read more »

Trey Songz Sexiest Twitter Pictures

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We know the ladies love Trey Songz, so it would only be a disservice to the ladies if we didn’t post the sexiest Twitter pictures of Trey Songz ever!  Expect to see more from our favorite young R&B singer as Trey Songz works on his next project, Chapter V. In the meantime, take a gander… Read more »

Instagram of the Week: Claudia Jordan

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  Celebrities just don’t tweet pictures of their excursions to exotic places around the world, they also lend emotional encouragement. Model, Actress, and radio and Tv personality Claudia Jordan encouraged all of her followers not to believe the stereotypes about black women that are largely promoted in today’s syndication.  Along with the picture above, Claudia also wrote… Read more »

Did Memphitz and Toya Wright Respond to K. Michelle?

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  Have Toya and Memphitz Wright finally had enough? Toya and Memphitz Wright spent a lovely week in Paris celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversary while the Love and Hop Hop Atlanta cast has remained a trending topic in the US. One cast member in particular, K. Michelle, has stolen the spotlight with her difficult past… Read more »

How to Enjoy New York Fashion Week From Home

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If you’re someone who’s always on the go, sometimes that means that there are a few events that you might not be able to attend.  In the event that New York Fashion Week is one of those events, take a few notes from’s Guide to Fashion Week:   1. Follow, of course!… Read more »

Celebrity Hair: Get Tae Heckard’s Ninja Bun

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There’s been a lot of buzz in the mane streets about model-turned-actress Tae Heckard’s self-acclaimed, trendsetting hairstyle. She has given an edgy twist to the classic ballerina bun and dubbed it the “Ninja Bun,” which is placed high at the top of the head in a semi messy style and perfectly grouped with a bold-colored… Read more »