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The Inaugural Women Interactive Digital Vanguard Awards and Creative Technology Festival in conjunction with Spelman College Digital Image Salon, successfully took place in the city of Atlanta this past weekend. The festival opened to a crowd of hundreds of women seeking to gain knowledge and insight in the world of creative technology and the business thereof.

For those of you who couldn’t be with us at this awesome event, we decided to share a few things we learned from Women Interactive’s founders, Sabrina Harvey and Ashia Sims:

1. Creatives & Entrepreneurs– being a creative and an entrepreneur can go hand in hand. You can make a business out of doing what you love.

2. Funding for Artists– There are resources for funding for women in tech but creatives producing digital art projects can find funding too.
3. Women & Gaming– Women love video games! There is a great future for women creating content in gaming and user experience.
4. Women are Producing Great Webseries – Women are writing and producing fantastic shows on the web. The Internet is the new frontier for women’s programming.
5. Women Creatives of Color Want Community– Women Creatives want a place to meet other creatives and collaborate on projects. Women Interactive provided a great opportunity for networking and collaboration. Everywhere we looked women were exchanging ideas and contacts.
6. Don’t wait to get started, start now. If you wait until a milestone has passed, you will be further down the line and have made no progress. If you start now, you will be much further along and the milestone will still have passed.
7. You have to be willing to invest in yourself through time, education and finances.
8. Be transparent and honest online.
9. You can’t be shy and build your blog. You have to get out there and network!
10. Be willing to partner with smaller brands to build your brand. Don’t always focus only on the super large brands/companies.  Look for smaller companies with an audience larger than yours and build a relationship with them.