• kelly

    beyonce is sexy no doubt about that, she brings fantasy to us , and make people understand how it works ….. jay z is just like any man men love to be fantasized lied to intriqued , men like passion,, and can do without the attitude ..some women say to a man if you want this ? you gotta put up with my shit..my hotflashes , my pms… then you get this .. THIE SURPRISE IS THE TWO DONT MIXX , you have to separate the two personalitys ,no one cares if you a bitch 4 days in a month or how long your period is … but you need to know men have fantasies and desires , and they love it if you play the game …. you gotta play the game .. rather your a christian ,saint ,or soccor mom or crazie you know the deal … if you dont play the game .. then your man will cheat .. a man is like water if the well runs dry they dig a new trench …..
    i think beyonce has a formula and men like her cause they know she get it … she get what a lot of females who man leave or cheat ,,dont get … women hate her for that a bility … some men dont find her as sexy as just in touch with the mans mind …. she did that pole dance for her man .. but our men just got the chance to see it …. for a cost .. her concerts pack men, as well as women ,, thats why she makes more money than say , jill scott, or kelly rollin … . i hate some things bout bey ,, but that i like bout her … she has a transparent ideaology of how men mind work …. and .. we should takes notes from her …. JUST SAYING ..
    SO IF YOUR SAYING YOUR MAN IS OK WITH YOU ….. EXCUSE ME… HONEY .. HE MAY RESPECT YOU OR ADMIRE YOUR STRENGTH BUT THAT DIPLOMA OR BANK ACCOUNT , or big JOB …WILL NOT KEEP HIM AT HOME if he is not sexually stimulated from time to time …. excuse me most of the time.. even on your pms or period you GOT WORK TO DO SWEETIE