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12 Ways To Keep Things Hot In A Long Distance Relationship

12 Ways To Keep Things Hot In A Long Distance Relationship

The holidays can look a little dull when you’re separated from your man in a long distance relationship.

Cosmopolitan Magazine came up with 12 ways to keep things spicy between you and your boo even when you’re apart. Check them out below.

1. Send him a silly postcard from your city with the message “Wish you were here…”

2. Create a Pandora radio station in his honor, featuring songs and musicians that make you think of being with your guy. Then email him the link.

3. Start a Google+ account just for the two of you where you can share daily pics, little love notes, and random music with eachother.

4. Before you leave town, make a sizzling calendar of your most pin-up worthy moments and ship it to your guy. (Use or Don’t have a friend to take the pictures? Place your camera on a steady surface and use the self timer to give yourself enough time to get into position, and snap away.

5. Send him a series of cute and seductive poses from your phone. Keep it PG-13, you want to be cute, not raunchy.

6. Wrap up and mail a copy of your favorite sex position book. Be sure to mark the pages of the moves you’re dying to try when you see eachother.

7. When you know he’s out to dinner with his hometown friends, contact the place and order a round of his favorite beer, on you.

8. Send him a hilarious-yet-sweet ecard from .

9. Torn between two second-skin cocktail dresses at the mall? Send him a snapshot of each from the dressing room and let him vote for his favorite. Then, model it for him the next time you’re together.

10. Make a Thursday night Skype date and challenge him to a strip poker tournament a deux.

11. Light candles around your computer for a sexy-yet-romantic vibe the next time you have Skype sex.

12. Since we’re on the subject of sexy talk … if your Gchat starts to get a little racy on your parents’ computer, flip on the “go off the record” setting — it won’t save the rest of your convo. So you can skip an awkward encounter with Dad at the breakfast table the next day.


What do you do to keep things hot in your long distance relationship?

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