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3 Cheap Tips to Grow Your Lashes

3 Cheap Tips to Grow Your Lashes

We all want thicker lashes, but how? Falsies are a great alternative, but sometimes you want to go au natural without your lashes looking frail and barely there. This tips we help your grow your lashes thick and healthy and for cheap!

1. Caster Oil

Caster oil…..yuck!! However, with it’s yucky reputation caster oil has major health benefits one of those being thicker, longer lashes! Conveniently you can pick up the caster oil gel capsules from any drugstore if your don’t like the taking the liquid form.

2.  Vaseline

Vaseline is a very popular method for lash growth and it’s not expensive at all.  Apply a tiny amount to your lashes every day or two or if you wear contacts only apply it at night, because you don’t want to get this greasy solution in your eyes.

3. Diet 

As with growing anything, your diet is a huge part.  Walnuts and almonds are a great source for the healthy oils needed for lash growth.  Vitamins are especially essential in growing out your eyelashes. Zinc and Magnesium tablets, along with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Biotin are the best options for healthy lashes.

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