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3 Tricks for Longer, Leaner Legs

3 Tricks for Longer, Leaner Legs

Fortunately, I hit the genetic lottery when it comes to this because I have legs for days. My friends like most of the population aren’t leggy beanstalks like myself and are constantly looking for ways to get longer, leaner legs and we have found that these 3 tips are definitely the guide to follow.

1. Exercise!

Any exercise that works your inner thighs will instantly give your legs looking toned and lean. Some key movements are lunges and squats.

2. Diet!

As you know diet effects everything! Avoid eating tons of processed food and sugar, because not only are these things fattening they also cause bloating which is never good.


3. Wear High Heels! 

It may seem like the easy way out, but it’s actually not. While high heels do give you an instant burst of length your actually strengthening and toning your legs while you’re strutting your stuff.

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